Leaders of U.S.A -resign if your stupid

First let me be clear. I am an independent. I do not believe that Democrats or Republicans have the best interest of U.S.A in mind when they act or else they are stupid. They can’t all be that stupid so I assume that they hate U.S.A and the people. If not the right thing would be done and we wouldn’t have all the political lies.

If you elect me I’ll make Santa bring you a Porsche. They might as well say that because they play the fence and realize that we will buy their B.S. President, Senators, House of Representatives, I call to you to prove that you have the people in mind. We have elected you and we demand that you act in the best interest of us all, without sacrificing the least of us.

This is my call. You can pretend I am stupid, but I see through your bullshit. and so do many other Americans. You have spent trillions of dollars on war and the money, where the hell has it gone? You have tortured innocents. and you have lied your way to war, so your rich supporters could make even more money, while the American people are suffering and poor and sick. You take our blue-collar youth and use them in your plots of greed. We know this, the evidence is in.

We are a hopeful, idealistic, and forgiving people. We are loyal and willing to fight. You leaders have made horrible, stupid choices. Why? If you are so stupid, why don’t you hire a 12 year old, or college freshman to lead you. If you are so stupid, and really don’t know what do, resign, Say. “I’m stupid, and can’t do the job” We will at least be able to respect you for your self-awareness, for honesty and loyalty to us, the people.
I know there are complicated issues, but you are the ones given the responsibility to wade through the greed and power struggle to bring prosperity to our nation. If you can’t do that, why would we want you in office? Why? Do you think your good looks inspire us? Come on. So just so you know, we are not stupid. We are patient and we know it takes time. But your time has come to an end. It is now time to tell us the truth. we will not stand by and let you spend our wealth so your buddies can stuff even more of our money in their and your already over stuffed pockets. You bring shame on us President. Stop playing stupid or be prepared to face our picket signs. We are not loyal to men who abuse us President. We have no loyalty to you as a man. We have given you our best and you have misused our resources. Are you that stupid? Really, resign. If you are that incapable of handling the job, resign, make way for someone who is capable, and there are many.
All the people are not stupid. Yes, there are many stupid people, but there are also many smart people. And guess what, the smart people are telling the stupid people, and they are learning, they are capable of learning, of freeing themselves from ignorance. You are stupid, and are not capable. You have proven that. So resign. Go back to your tower. Go back to riding in your golf cart, and leave the politics to someone who can do the job. Resign, you’re dumb. Evil is stupid. Destroying innocent lives is stupid. War for war’s sake is stupid. That’s what you have given us. And Congress, I expect more from you. You are  spending too much money. Yeah. on war. without results

You have sat by, and allowed this idiot to control our nation, without stopping him when you knew what he was doing was stupid. why? are you scared? how does an angry mob of citizens make you feel? How does the let down of today’s youth make you feel? Go ahead ask. They think our government is a joke and it is your fault. Resign

Or start standing up for U.S.A and her people. We want you to spend our money on what is needed, we want you to set priorities, like we have to in our budgets. Health and income is our greatest concern. we have to be healthy to work so we can buy what our business and families need. Our families and employees need shelter, food, clean air and water, education. Everything depends on health.
Right now, most U.S citizens are trying to maintain health, provide shelter, clothes and food for their families.  Stop playing games with us.  We did not vote you into office so you could get rich. Resign or do your job

Author: annieepoetry

I am poet. I am woman. I write with my thumbs. Read my poems. Tell me what You think. You may find the love poem you always thought someone wrote for you. Or the one you meant to write But Becareful lovers tell zingers and often break hearts Milky Way Earth U.S.A Madison WI

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