What am I?

There are 2 million genes of bacteria inside my gut but only 24 thousand genes of my own in my whole body.
Those bacteria have more control over my outcome then I care to admit

I think I’m going to find the oldest living person and lick their ass clean

Author: annieepoetry

I am poet. I am woman. I write with my thumbs. Read my poems. Tell me what You think. You may find the love poem you always thought someone wrote for you. Or the one you meant to write But Becareful lovers tell zingers and often break hearts Milky Way Earth U.S.A Madison WI

3 thoughts on “What am I?”

    1. It’s a joke. What am I? An ass licker. That plays on the fact that the bacteria in bodies impacts our health and longivity and even the choices that we make about what we eat, etc.

      Thank you for asking. It was a good question

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