Watching you

I’ve learned to fight
I promise you now whatever
Life throws up at me
I am going to fight it
Because I know I am strong
I learned that from you
So when this ends bad
I won’t give up -I’ll push on
Even when it is hopeless
Even when the world swells open
Even when the sky loses blue
Even when I am alone
Even when fear bites my spine

I will fight.  I will give my life for this
So the daughters  that follow will learn what I’ve learned from you and they’ll too, be capable of adapting to any war

And thrive in it, mother like you taught me to dowpid-20150905_105656.jpg

Author: annieepoetry

I am poet. I am woman. I write with my thumbs. Read my poems. Tell me what You think. You may find the love poem you always thought someone wrote for you. Or the one you meant to write But Becareful lovers tell zingers and often break hearts Milky Way Earth U.S.A Madison WI

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